Life Lessons

In life, and in love, communication is a key player.  When you don’t talk to one another about the good and the bad things you give those things consent to fester within yourself.  You allow your thoughts to be locked away.  In essence you are censoring yourself to your detriment.  Once the bad things take root it will always be a struggle to rid your mind of the negative and poisonous influences they inevitably have.  When you keep things to yourself, when you neglect to vocalize that you are in pain and that you need aid, you are not only hurting yourself but helping little cracks to form in the foundations of your relationships.  You never see these little cracks at first but like a small spot on a car’s windshield, sooner or later these cracks spread like a spider’s web.  And it can happen in an instant.  That little bump that you thought was nothing causes the whole thing to crack.  It’s broken.  There is no going back and repairing it.

Don’t go through your life quietly.  Don’t let others have the power and then resent them for it.  If you never allow yourself the know-how and willpower to be anything and everything you want then it’s your own fault where you end up.  You are the voice in your head that matters.  It is disrespectful to yourself and indeed others if you don’t say what you want or what you need.  We have not evolved into an era of psychic mind-reading abilities so don’t treat others as such.  You are responsible just as they are.  All relationships, in order to be successful, require mutual trust and respect. 

You never see until later how disrespectful and dishonest your passiveness had become.  And then it’s too late.  You’ve festered too long.  You’ve resented too much.  You never forgave and they never knew any wrong-doing had occurred.  Do not blame yourself but take responsibility.  Take charge and say you’re sorry.  You’re sorry for being silent.  You’re sorry for being afraid to stand up for yourself.  Then learn from it.  Acknowledgement given, you now own it.  Then forgive yourself because you’re only human and you can’t learn from mistakes that you’ve never made.

Never regret the things you’ve done.  They will help to shape you and teach you, if you let them.  And always love.  Even if it’s brief, love will always carry you to your next stop.  Love will feed that part of you that is always searching and hopefully it will lead you where you’ve never imagined.

“It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority.  It’s necessary.”  —Mandy Hale


One Response to “Life Lessons”

  1. i heart you for voicing this! being silent really is a danger to any relationship and constantly needs to be curbed! it is too easy to try and shrug something off just to wind up later frustrated over apparently nothing!
    i am sorry for the pain that you have had to go through to learn this lesson but i know you and know that you will learn this well and blossom!
    again major kudos for writing about this!

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