Sometimes my head gets cloudy and I get a little lost in the haze.  I disappear within myself and stay up too late.  A lot of the time this is when I experience the most annoying writer’s block.  I can start as many projects as I want but a sentence in, a paragraph down, and I lose it.  I lose that miniscule hold I had on an idea.  Words evade me and I end up with a whole lot of unfinished business.  Will I ever get back to this idea?  Will it remain a partially constructed figment?  I have no shortage of inspiration so really the only thing that is stopping me is…myself.

 It’s hard to remember sometimes that when you write it isn’t always going to be perfect.  Hell, you might not even be proud of what you’ve done every time.  Learning to step back and look objectively at your own writing is difficult.  Self-editing can be even more so because you always want to believe that you couldn’t possibly have written it any other way.  I’m telling you folks this because I need to remind myself of these things.  There is a book called The Curious Writer (by Bruce Ballenger) that I bought for an English class and I’ve found it to be an essential tool to help me look at my writing from a different perspective.  The theme of this book is writing badly.  Let yourself just write.  Ignore the grammar, the punctuation, the fragments; all of these things can be edited.  The author pressed the point that it is not how you write but what you write that matters.

Did you hear that?

It’s not how you write but what you write that matters.

 Try not to be too hard on yourself and I’ll try to take some of my own advice.  And check out The Curious Writer, it is a wonderfully useful text.


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