Coming Home

    She entered the forest upon a well-traveled path without a trace of doubt in her heart.  There was palpable fear, yes, but it merely arose from respect and awe.  All around the sounds of the earth creaked and moaned.  Each footfall created a chain reaction, a swelling, an awakening.

    A song was upon her lips and the ground beneath her seemed to welcome her voice with a sigh.  Passing through a tangled barrier she arrived at a clearing.  All paths had lead her to this crisp meadow, she had known that somehow.  The last note of song was stolen from her lungs as she caught her breath and halted her progression.  Somehow the earth continued her tune and the fear released its steady grip.

    The awe remained, as it should, and tears welled in her eyes.  She found herself in the center of that meadow, where you sat waiting for her.  How long had you waited?  How had you known she would come to you?  Is it ever truly known how one soul calls to another?

    She paused for only a moment to take in the life she had searched for, the piece that had always been missing.  Never had she known this feeling.  No love had ever simultaneously held her and freed her so.  No homecoming had ever felt so natural. 

    In the receding light they met with open arms, parted lips, and hearts attuned to one another.   Looking upon eachother’s faces, they clasped hands and left the meadow together.  They crossed the tangled barrier as one, without a trace of doubt in their hearts.

(This was the result of a ten minute ‘fast write’ which is when you write as much as possible in a certain amount of time -sometimes on a particular subject- without any editing.  The only editing that took place was grammatical for the sake of this post.)

Much love to you followers. 



4 Responses to “Coming Home”

  1. And it’s safe to say that you have managed to produce an extremely emotive piece of writing. Loving the imagery and I’m enjoying strolling through your site.

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