For The Write Reasons

”I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet.”  -Jack London

Oh, how I love words.  The emotions that can be illicited from a simple phrase are limitless.  With words, I have no boundaries.  I can iterate to you every miniscule detail of how it felt to drink my morning coffee.  I could spin an ever expanding tale of wickedness in an imaginary land.  I can build, destroy, and rebuild entire worlds without leaving my bedroom. 

The intensity with which I feel connected to words, language, composition, prose…(you get it, right?) knows no competitor.  If I only ever have one true love in life it will be writing.  It does not matter if it becomes a career. It is a passion that will drive and guide me through my time on Earth.  Surely, as it already has.  It is the safe harbor from which my soul ventures. 

I’ll always have problems with self-editing and comma placement.  I’ll forever be plagued with a voice that is quick to turn passive.  My ability to weave a run-on sentence is unmatched.  I accept these faults and more. I see myself through these flaws and find myself between each line. 

I have never truly known how to deal with the real world.  I live in reality because it is necessary; because I must.  If it means I can only briefly escape with one word, one sentence at a time, I will take it.  I will grasp onto it with the fervor and thirst that not only pushes me onward but defines my very being.


In another words:  Hey, written word, I love you and stuff.  Let’s run away together and write space adventures and love poems.

Sincerely yours,



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