A Wandering Mind

Reciprocation, why do we need it?  Why can we not just be, simply exist?  Why must we require the attention, indeed even the intention, of other people?  Being human is damn difficult at times.

There are many answers.  Simple ones, complicated ones, and everywhere in between ones.  The one thing I’m positive of is that whether we want to or not, we need eachother.  We need connectivity.  Through words, through touch, through silent presence, through mutual acknowledged existence.

We need eachother.  Remember that.  Our minds are largely untapped, vital resources.  Possibly the most useful one we have access to.


One Response to “A Wandering Mind”

  1. Very well said and very true. I think that’s something many people seem to forget at times. I know I do. I also know why I need reciprocation. I hate feeling that I’m unimportant. Knowing that people are acknowledging me makes me feel that when I do die, I won’t be lost.

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