Learning To Breathe

Words are difficult when you honestly do not know how you feel.  The world is spinning and I feel stationary.  I find myself holding my breath sometimes without realizing I’m doing it.  I’ll just be standing there, lungs filled to capacity, unable to exhale. Or unwilling to exhale, who knows.  It isn’t a conscious decision.  I just do it, like a reflex.  Stop.  Hold your breath.  Don’t blink.  It’s just a few seconds and the moment passes.  Back to normal.  Back to breathing.

And a lot of the time even while I’m breathing normally, I still can’t truly breathe.

I can’t breathe here.  I don’t think I know how.

But I’m going to keep trying.

So I’ll keep searching.  I will keep learning and discovering and traversing because what else could I do?  A better question is how could I not?



3 Responses to “Learning To Breathe”

  1. How tiny and inconsequential, yet unique and essential are we all. Great piece of prose – keep writing!

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