Getting Back On Track (For the millionth time)

October has proven to be a stressful month!  Each time I made an attempt to write I just couldn’t bring myself to complete a damn thing.  October is already a month representative of loss for me (and people around me) and yet another loss came about this year.  I won’t sadden you with details but please remember to hug your loved ones because life is a jerk sometimes. 

Seasonly, it’s my favorite month because there is really nothing like full-blown Autumn in the Pacific Northwest.  It’s beautiful.  I don’t have a sufficient amount of adjectives to explain it!

For those of you that read my recent post about creating a music series for this blog…I am in the process of doing just that!  I went ahead and created another blog specifically for my musical musings (alliteration intended, because they’re fun sometimes) and will be sure to let you know when the first posts are made.  I’m excited about this idea.  Even if I’m the only one who reads it, OH WELL! 

Regular posting shall commence soon.  I feel like I disappear entirely sometimes even when the amount of time I’ve been away isn’t all that significant.  I appreciate each of you that takes the time to read my ramblings.  I can never say that enough.

I’ve got a few ideas brewing.  So you’re just going to have to sit tight!



2 Responses to “Getting Back On Track (For the millionth time)”

  1. Katherene Says:


  2. Looking forward to your music blog. As for writing, take a step back, breathe and relax – the only pressure is self-imposed. The words will soon flood back. Take care.

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