The Grey Areas

If you knew how many times a day my mind floated to you, I would surely be embarrassed.  So if you could do the floating some of the time I’d feel much better.

Caring about someone doesn’t always mean simplicity and clarity.  It is not in black in white that love thrives, but it is in the grey, the in between, where all the seemingly insignificant things happen.  Little by little those tiny things become part of bigger things.  The foundation we create for ourselves is painstakingly built with the moments we share.  You love fervently, passionately, intensely even, in the black and white but in the grey you love intimately and utterly.  It’s what makes you smile at the way he stirs his morning coffee or how she always has that one stray hair hanging in her face.  It’s that comfort you feel sitting together in a quiet room.  It’s the knowing hand on your back when you need support.  The grey areas overflow into the black and white ones.  They maintain that passion and ability to endure.  If you cannot appreciate one another in the simplest times how can you remain in the stormy times?


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