Happiness is a choice. Choose it.

Dear self, read these and get on board.  (I decided to make some personal resolutions.)

1.  Write more for yourself.  Screw everyone else (sorry guys), write more for yourself.

2.  Stop vying for attention from people who clearly do not have (or want) to make time for you.  This bad habit stops now.

3.  Read more, always read more.

4.  Follow your instincts more often.  Really, stop giving a fuck what other people think.

5.  Give yourself a break.  Breathe.  Not everything needs an immediate reaction.

6.  Stop looking behind you already.  It’s already happened, you cannot change it!

7.  Take all that pessimism and shove it, seriously.  You’re not helping yourself.

8.  Do what you say you’re going to do.  FOLLOW THROUGH.

9.  Happiness is a choice.  Choose it.

10.  Go on that adventure you’ve been planning.  You know the one.  It will be worth it. No matter what happens.  Travel is good for you.

I don’t believe in that ‘new year, new you’ stuff (you don’t need a fresh year to make changes) and I usually don’t bother with resolutions but it’s cathartic to write out personal goals, so I get it.  Hopefully, in getting them out, I will be able to more clearly work toward making life choices that I can feel confident in.

Good luck to you all in your goals and dreams.  Happy New Year.


7 Responses to “Happiness is a choice. Choose it.”

  1. Thanks for following Benzeknees! Most of your statements could have been written for me, especially the one about “write more.”

  2. This is totally brilliant advice. This entire list is full of win. I’m sorry I’m only just now seeing it.

  3. So much good advice here – especially #2. I have been guilty of this with a former ‘friend’ who never responds. That ends today. Now.

    • It’s a hard habit to break. I think it has something to do with seeking validation from other people all of the time. That’s what it is for me anyway. Maybe. I haven’t decided, haha.

      Thanks for taking the time to read. Luck to us both on overcoming bad habits! 🙂

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