Hello?  Is Anybody Out There? 

Remember when I used to write on here? I used to talk to you about how I wasnt really writing at all?   Maybe I should come back to that.  It was cathartic, I suppose. 

I find myself in a state of non-writing that feels permanent. I know it isn’t. I know someday, maybe tomorrow, I’ll have an idea and put pen to paper.   I have to force that optimism into my head because it doesn’t come naturally. The alternative is unacceptable.

I have stories yet to tell and a burgeoning urge to tell them.  Through what means will I explore this? I don’t know. I suppose I should try it here. I must keep coming back for some reason. 
Any followers still out there?  If so, you’re appreciated. 


2 Responses to “Hello?  Is Anybody Out There? ”

  1. Ashley, I still follow you. Conveniently I have your blog updates emailed to me, so that helps. I understand the struggle you’re going through–that burning urge pressing against all sides of your skull trying to work itself out, twitching fingers ready to type and ease that pressure–yet that block still exists anyway. Not to mention how that creativity ebbs and flows at all the wrong moments too. And then life happens in the background.

    Keep pushing forward anyway, whether it’s just some notes on a post-it or a 100 page stream of consciousness, because something is better than nothing. Once that ball is rolling it gets so much easier to keep it going.

    • Thank you! I know each if us deals with it differently. I tend to let that inner critic get the best of me even when I know better. Seriously, thank you for the kind words.

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