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For Your Viewing Pleasure

Posted in Everything Under the Sun with tags , , , , on December 29, 2014 by SereneDelusions

I often type out quick ideas in my phone so that I don’t lose them.   I used to do this more in notebooks but it seems that I have a phone with me more than paper and pen.  Hmph.  That’s a nice resolution tucked in there.

Anyway, this could become a part of a series of posts, elegantly (aptly?) titled: Crap I Found On My Phone.

I think I’m funny and it’s okay if you don’t share that sentiment because… This is my blog and I don’t particularly care if you agree.  Laugh at me, dammit!

Crap I Found On My Phone, chapter one, an epic poem:

Lost little bits of fantasy
Spread out like cards in front of me
When to bluff and when to fold…
I suck at poker.

Have a wonderful week, folks!

You’re Weird. I Like that.

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What do you think?   I think this is true.


In my experience,  most writers are an odd bunch.  And that’s the way we like it.

A Word After A Word Is Power

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[The title: Margaret Atwood said that.  🙂 ]

Do you ever get in the mood to write and then find yourself thinking about and discussing the act of writing more than actually writing?  I bounce around and hype myself up, read wise words from other writers, and pin to my writing board on Pinterest for inspiration.  All the while I’m doing the one thing that all writers seem to have mastered: avoidance.  Sometimes I think part of calling yourself a writer is the active non-writing we tend to do.  When I get a really good idea (by really good, I mean it excites and intrigues me) I will fast-write it out and look upon the five or ten pages of ecstatic notes and scribbles with pride. I can’t wait to plot this out some more, I tell myself.  Then I put it away in my trusty writing folder, where it will be safe.

Wow, this is a great idea!  Why haven’t I touched it in two years?  Good thing it’s always in the same place so I can come back to it later. This writing folder is awesome.

Oh my, I forgot about this story idea entirely.  I wonder why I never followed through with it?  I’ll put it here in the front of the folder so that I can work on it soon.

This character is so fantastic.  I know that I won’t waste these four pages (front and back!) of character-building.  I wouldn’t want to have several pages of raw character material and no story to place them in.  That would be silly!  Right?!

Do you see a pattern here?  I’ve come to the conclusion that I do not trust myself to finish tasks in my writing.  I’m afraid to muck up the whole thing.  This, of course, is absurd.  What writer doesn’t completely obliterate an idea from time to time?  Well, that’s simple: the kind of writer that does not write.  The answer to that kind of blew my mind.  It is still kind of blowing my mind.  My mind is akin to a windswept beach where all the trees lean inland due to the constant berating of the wind coming off the water.  Where swirls of little sandy tornadoes that only hold the tiny grains for brief moments of glory, constantly come to life and die upon the shore.  This is what I imagine when someone utters the phrase ‘mind blown’, maybe I take metaphors too far.

The solution to this issue is so simple but requires commitment.  If I want to to write…I should just write!  I should make time.  I say it so often it’s almost a reflex when someone asks if I’m working on anything.  “Oh you know, when I have the time.”  Guess what? I have the time.  I do not utilize this time sufficiently.  At all.  Time.  Oh, glorious time.  We have it, it has us, until all of the sudden we are no more.  Time will continue but we are only here for a brief breath.  We all want to do things with that breath.  I want to write about it.


To You, My Love

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My Dearest Written Word,

I met you when I was four and even then I felt the energy that you exuded.  It was contagious and filled me with wonder.  From that moment on, I knew in my heart that I would always love you.

With every passing year, my love for you grows and has become a constant that I can always turn to when nothing else in my life makes sense.  Through you, I discovered a passion so deep, so unimaginably wonderful that I cannot fathom my life without it.  

I can only hope our relationship continues to mature and flourish for years to come.  You were my first love, my forever love, and I will never forget the impact you’ve had upon me.

Always Yours,  


(Inspired by the Daily Prompt. Thanks for stopping by and remember to embrace and celebrate your love every single day, not just today.)

Wardrobe Change

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Chuck is one of my heroes. He inspires me often to write and to follow that passion for the sake of following it.


I miss this little blog world.  That’s the problem with dwelling within your own mind though, sometimes the world passes you by and you don’t even realize it.

See you again soon.

Won’t You Linger?

Posted in Creative Writing with tags , , , , on September 22, 2013 by SereneDelusions

I pretended that the empty space next to me was filled with your presence.  I could touch your face and hear your laugh.  It was a silly little figment but it lingered in my chest, hovering just above my heart.  It lingers still, haunting the empty spaces within me.  You’re welcome to stay there.  It’s where you belong anyway.

Write Now

Posted in Everything Under the Sun with tags , , on August 10, 2013 by SereneDelusions

For a few months now it has been my goal to write every day.  It hasn’t been easy and there were days that it just did not happen.  I’ve typed and typed (and typed some more) with fervor, most of the time ending with a product I wouldn’t show a single person.  That isn’t the point though, is it?  I have long been someone who only writes when emotional.  In fact, I generally write when I’m sad or defeated.  This stems from writing as a child whenever I needed an escape, so it’s not hard to connect the dots.  Once something becomes habitual it can be difficult to change.  So in this goal of writing every day, I’m trying to break down that which holds me back.  I’ve found some websites and blogs related to writing that have inspired, taught, and challenged me.  (I will link a few of these at the end if you’re interested.) 

A recurring piece of advice I’ve seen floating around is to write every day.  Somewhere I read that you shouldn’t wait until you’re inspired to write.  Once upon a time I would have scoffed at that.  Why write if you’re not inspired?  When I started writing it was the inspiration that solely drove me.  That idea has held me back quite a bit and until recently I didn’t even see it.  I’m now beginning to understand that while inspiration is definitely a key player in creative writing, it isn’t the whole picture.  The inspiration pushes the initial idea to the forefront.  It enables you to create an idea and a framework.  What happens when it fizzles out though?  In my case, it means a whole lot of unfinished business; entire notebooks of ideas that never came to fruition. 

I’ve come to realize that these projects are not going to get anywhere past the first stage unless I learn to put the work into them.  No story is going to flow out of me from beginning to end in one sitting.  Writing is not a quick process.  I have always taken it for granted because writing has never been a challenge for me.  That is yet another thing that has held me back immensely.  If you think something is easy, then you cease to challenge yourself.  You get comfortable in the boundaries that you’ve created.  Writing every day has begun a shift in my paradigm.  Slowly, I am learning to see the how and what from a new perspective.  I’m not saying it isn’t challenging.  It’s hell at times.  The potential outcomes and personal growth in something that I love are worth it though. 

I feel this shift will help guide me to a place where I am able to produce pieces that I can take pride in.  Maybe I’ll even share some of these things with you.  I guess you’ll have to wait and see!

Here are some writing links I have found helpful:

LitReactor:  What a great site this is!  I cannot begin to tell you how this page has helped me.  Just go there, go there now.

Chuck Palahniuk’s Facebook  page:!/chuckpalahniuk?fref=ts I know, I know, a Facebook page as a resource…get over it.  Many of the writing resources I’ve discovered have been through his page.  He posts a lot of great things!

And Today’s Author, my most recent discovery:!/read/blog/id/43593288/ This is a great community on WordPress.  They offer writing prompts and advice, among other things.


Twenty years from now you’ll be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the things you did do.  So throw off the bowlines.  Sail from the safe harbor.  Catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore.  Dream.  Discover.  –H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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